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ChristosAntypas Quality Assurance of the Imaging Subsystem in G4 CyberKnife. Evaluation of the Flat Panel Detectors Imaging Characteristics
CarloCavedon Correlation Between Spatial Accuracy and Breathing Irradiation Irregularities with Synchrony: A Frequency Based Analysis
MustafaCengiz Comparison of the Dose Distributions of Intracavitary Brachytherapy and CyberKnife Radiosurgery for Cervical Cancer
OwenClancey MATLAB Dose Calculator: Potential Patient Specific quality Assurance Software for the CyberKnife
CristianCotrutz Feasibility Study on the Use of the CyberKnife System for Treating Multiple Brain Metastases
JulieDawson Achievability of Spinal Cord Dose Limits in Xsight Planning
JulieDawson Brain Stem Dose Volume Histograms Results for CyberKnife Plans of Adjacent Targets
JulieDawson Calculated Results from Measured PDD
JulieDawson Dose in the Buildup Region for CyberKnife Beams
SonjaDieterich Monoscopic Imaging to Improve Imaging Efficiency in Spinal Radiosurgery: A Feasibility Study
DavidDjajaputra Transition to Monte Carlo in Lung Radiosurgery: How Should We Proceed?
Dong HanLee Evaluation of Radiation Dose for Stereotactic Radiosurgery Systems in Korea
ChristianDrexler Manipulator Subsystem Positioning Test-How It Works & Consequences for Its Use as a Quality Assurance Tool
ChristophFürweger Analysis of Residual Patient Motion & Targeting Accuracy in 257 Single Fraction Spinal Treatments Using Xsignt Spine Tracking
JimmGrimm Dose Tolerance Limit Evaluation for CyberKnife
BenjaminHeijman Validation of Monte Carlo Based Dose Calculations in MultiPlan 2.1for Dose Prediction in Treatment of Small Lung Tumors and Comparison in Ray Tracing in MultiPlan 12.0 Regarding GTV and PTV Coverage
MischaHoogeman Is the Iris Variable Aperture Collimator an Alternative for a Mini Multi-Leaf Collimator Mounted on a CyberKnife?
ZhicongHuang Comparison of Monte Carlo and Ray Tracing Dose Calculation in Multiplan System
JisunJang Analysis of Accuracy of Output Factors for CyberKnife: Comparison of CyberKnife Multi-sites
Young NamKang Relative Output Factor & 3D Dose Distribution Measurements Using BANG-3® Polymer Gel Dosimetry in CyberKnife
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