MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy Consortium

RSS Partners with the MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy Consortium

Magnetic resonance image (MRI)-guided radiotherapy is a relatively new technology used in the treatment of cancer. MRI-guided radiotherapy allows real time visualization of tumors to improve targeting precision, thus allowing delivery of higher and potentially more effective radiation doses.

The MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy Consortium was developed to unite clinicians, medical physicists and scientists to collaborate on treatment strategies and research aimed at generating evidence and protocols to assist MRI-guided linac centers in bringing the best possible care to patients.  

The Radiosurgery Society® has joined efforts with MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy Consortium members to facilitate the Consortium's research efforts through the use of the RSSearch® Patient Registry as a centralized database to collect and track treatment delivery and outcomes of patients treated with the MRI-guided radiotherapy.

Prospective and retrospective data on subjects treated with MRI-guided radiotherapy across multiple tumor sites will be collected in RSSearch. The Consortium’s initial project will focus on gastrointestinal tumors, specifically pancreas and oligometastatic disease, to explore the clinical utility of MRI-guided radiotherapy on these traditionally difficult to treat indications.

“We are embarking on a unique collaboration with the Radiosurgery Society and ViewRay to advance the science and clinical practice of MRI-guided radiotherapy. The RSSearch Registry provides a comprehensive and flexible system where we can use existing data fields and also customize new ones specific to our study, which will facilitate the analysis of patients treated on MRIdian at various institutions across the globe. Through our contributions to the RSSearch Registry, we hope to demonstrate how MRIdian can achieve substantial clinical benefit for cancer patients.”

Michael Chuong, MD
Director of the MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy Program
Miami Cancer Institute
Member of the ViewRay Gastrointestinal Cancer Consortium

MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy Consortium

Participating Centers

The Radiosurgery Society® is proud to welcome the following MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy Consortium Centers as participants in the RSSearch® Patient Registry.

  • Acıbadem Maslak Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Baptist Health, Miami Cancer Institute, Miami, Florida, United States
  • Henry Ford Cancer Institute, Detroit, Michigan, United States

For more information on the RSSearch® Patient Registry