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About the RSSearch® Patient Registry

The Radiosurgery Society hosts the RSSearch® Patient Registry, the longest established patient registry dedicated to SRS/SBRT managed by a professional society. In 2020, this multi-platform research and data sharing registry exceeded 29,000 cases and has become a critical resource for radiosurgical investigators world-wide in a wide range of specialties, as well as hospitals, teaching institutions and researchers engaged in the field.

Since RSSearch opened in 2008, the data has served as the foundation for peer-reviewed publications and research; improved quality of patient care; elevated medical decision making; provided access to novel treatments and approaches; and advanced the science of SRS/SBRT. Data mined from RSSearch also contributes to the industry-wide development of clinical and quality guidelines. Click here to view RSSearch publications.  RSSearch Patient Registry is listed on NIH NCT01885299

Benefits of participating include:

  • Secure web-based patient management portal serving the global SRS/SBRT patient population, including intracranial and extracranial sites
  • Over 200 data fields including screening, treatment and follow-up information, as well as patient-reported quality of life information
  • Access to aggregate data on over 27,000 cases upon application and approval
  • Click here to download the Request for Aggregate Data FormClick here to see all prior Request for Aggregate Data Forms
  • Huge cost savings compared to purchasing software for managing patient data
  • Easily track patient follow-up and patient-reported outcomes
  • Generate a wide variety of standard and customized reports
  • Convenient and real-time access to your screening, treatment and outcomes data for publication and presentation
  • HIPAA and EU compliant

To find out more about participating in the registry, please email us.

Publications featuring the RSSearch® Patient Registry

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