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About the RSS Residents Association

The Radiosurgery Society® Residents Association (RSSRA) and Residents Executive Committee (REC) were formed in May 2016 to support clinical and medical physics residents and trainees interested in pursuing a career in stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT). The RSSRA provides members opportunities to increase their SRS/SBRT exposure and knowledge while actively participating in the creation and development of scientific and educational programs. Our mission is to optimize the educational experience of residents and trainees in order to develop future leaders in SRS/SBRT.

RSSRA members have access to a wide variety of programs, which provide education, training, networking and mentorship in the fields of SRS/SBRT, while maximizing opportunities for individual and group participation. RSSRA holds monthly meetings to foster connection and collaboration and to drive forward its projects and programs.

RSSRA members are encouraged to take on leadership roles within REC and the RSSRA sub-committees to strengthen their leadership skills and help actively define, develop and oversee scientific and educational offerings.

"The RSS Residents Committee is a group of collegial experts focused on the goal of enhancing mentorship and educational experiences of those training in the field of radiosurgery. The committee members are actively engaged in a variety of activities, such as webinars, didactic and 'hands-on' training, and novel research opportunities facilitated by the RSSearch Patient Registry."

Indrin Chetty, PhD, FAAPM

About the Residents Association

Who We Are

The RSSRA consists of all residents and trainees who are active members of the RSS. The Residents Executive Committee (REC) is elected by the RSSRA and consists of a chair, vice-chair, secretary and two executive members.

The RSSRA also benefits from the guidance and insights of distinguished faculty advisors who have years of experience in their specialty and are actively involved in residency programs at their own institutions. The RSSRA is supported by the RSS administrative staff.

How to Participate

Requirements & Expectations

  • Invited to attend and participate during monthly (one-hour) video/conference calls.
  • Expected to help define, implement, and participate in RSS-hosted educational programs specific to residents and trainees - e.g. the RSS Scientific Meetings include breakout sessions as defined and delivered by REC and sub-committee members.
  • Expected to contribute to the RSS Residents/Trainees webpage(s), as needed.
  • Encouraged to participate in the RSS Mentorship and Career Pathways Program.
  • Encouraged to participate in the RSSearch® Patient Registry (provided that your institution is a participating member of the RSSearch Registry).
  • Encouraged to submit abstracts, develop and lead additional new concepts and activities to enhance, increase and help disseminate educational offerings and programs tailored to RSS members in training.

How to Join

When you join the RSS as a resident/trainee you automatically become a member of the RSSRA and will remain an RSSRA member for as long as your RSS membership is active. RSS Membership for residents/trainees is only $35/year.

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Residents Association Programs

The RSSRA Executive Committee, Faculty Advisors and Sub-Committees invite you to learn more about each of the programs offered by the RSSRA.


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