Academic & Medical Center Sponsorship

The Radiosurgery Society® (RSS) endeavors to be “the bridge” – bringing the technology/device and medical/scientific communities together in a truly collaborative manner in the interest of advancing the science and technology of SRS/SBRT more efficiently and quickly. Founded in 2002, the Radiosurgery Society is the world’s largest, focused SRS/SBRT organization, with more than 600 members worldwide.

It is our vision to form a cooperative organization with hospitals, academic institutions, medical centers (Administration, MDs, PhDs, RTTs, Nurses, etc.), medical device companies, service industries (e.g. educational companies), and other societies to work together to increase and advance treatment options for patients.  The RSS has successfully formed and will continue to develop strong alliances with other like-minded and principled societies such as ACRO and AAPM.

Dedicated to advancing the science and clinical practice of SRS/SBRT, the RSS offers unique opportunities for your institution to be in the forefront of research, education, clinical studies, peer reviewed clinical publications, and directly influence the future of SRS/SBRT.

Academic and Medical Center Sponsor Benefits

  • Access to members/users of multiple platforms with information/data transfer
  • Access to clinical and advisory committees
  • Clinical and educational event opportunities
  • RSS Scientific Meeting benefits and discounts
  • Exchange and expand SRS/SBRT knowledge and experience
  • Access to educational resources, message boards and collaborative opportunities
  • Improve treatment options and patient care, define standards, maintain the highest principles and ensure patient safety
  • More informed clinicians with a broader arsenal of treatment options
  • Hospital specific, educational and clinically focused webinars
  • Complimentary RSS Memberships
  • RSS Residents' Program
  • Discount to Participate in the RSSearch® Patient Registry
  • Invitation to participate in Clinical Evidence Task Force Committee/Health Care Reform Meetings
For more information about the RSS including our mission, membership, leadership, education and collaborative philosophy, click here.

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