Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Membership

Qualifications for Membership. Professional Members must be individuals who are physicians, such as radiation oncologists and surgeons, non-physicians such as radiation therapists, health care professionals, therapists and their supporting teams, physicists or other scientists in good standing, who are involved with the fields of stereotactic radiosurgery and stereotactic body radiation therapy, and who have submitted an application for membership which has been approved by the Board of Directors and satisfies such other qualifications as may be adopted or amended by the Board from time to time.

Admission of Members. Any application for professional membership must be made in writing and may be submitted to the Board of Directors at any time, by any method including electronic transmission. The Board, or a person or committee authorized by the Board, will review each application and if appropriate will certify that the applicant meets the qualifications for membership. Membership shall begin upon such certification and upon payment of any required membership dues.

Membership Dues, Fees and Assessments. The Board shall set the amount and time of payment of all membership dues, fees, and assessments.The dues, fees and any assessments shall be fixed annually by the Board. Dues, fees and any assessments are non-refundable.

Members In Good Standing. Those professional members who have paid the required dues, fee, and assessments, if any, and who are not suspended, shall be members in good standing of this corporation.

Membership Roster. This corporation shall keep a membership roster containing the name and last known address, telephone number, and email address of each professional member. The roster shall indicate whether the member is in good standing.

Non-liability of Members. No professional member of this corporation shall be personally liable for the debts, liabilities, or obligations of this corporation.

Transferability of Memberships. Professional memberships may be transferred with such restrictions and on such terms and conditions as may be authorized by the Board of Directors. Other than such authorized transfers, a membership or any rights arising therefrom and all rights as a member shall cease upon the member’s death.

Termination and Suspension of Membership. Professional membership in this corporation shall continue until terminated as provided in this Section, or until the member dies or resigns by means of a written and signed resignation delivered to the Secretary or President of this corporation. Resignation shall not relieve a member of any accrued but unpaid obligations of such member to this corporation.

Basis for Termination. Professional membership in this corporation shall terminate upon the occurrence of any of the following:

i. Expiration of the period of membership, unless the member elects to renew the membership on renewal terms fixed by the Board.

ii. A member’s failure to pay dues, fees, or assessments (if any), within thirty days after such member is sent written notice of failure to pay. A member may avoid such termination by paying the amount of delinquent dues or fees within the thirty-day period.

iii. A member’s failure to continue to meet the qualifications for membership set forth in these Bylaws.

iv. Upon a good faith determination by the Board that continued participation by the member in this corporation is not in the best interests of this corporation or in furtherance of its purposes.

Suspension. A member may be temporarily suspended for a period of up to sixty (60) days, or the duration of the termination process, whichever is greater, if, the Board determines in its absolute discretion that the circumstances set forth in parts iii or iv exist. A suspended member may be reinstated only upon approval by two-thirds (2/3) of the Board in its absolute discretion. No meeting or vote taken in which a suspended member participates shall be void or voidable because of such suspended member’s participation, but such suspended member’s presence and/or vote shall not be counted for any purpose.

Termination Procedures. The following procedures shall apply in the case of termination under parts iii or iv of Subsection A above:

i. This corporation shall give the member at least fifteen (15) days’ prior written notice, including electronic transmission, of the expulsion, suspension, or termination, setting forth the proposal for termination, the reasons for it, the effective date, and the date, time and place (if any) of the hearing described in the next subsection. Notice given by mail must be given by first class or registered mail to the last address provided by the member to the corporation for purposes of notice.

ii. The member shall be given an opportunity to be heard, either orally or in writing, including electronic transmission, not less than five (5) days before the effective date of the proposed expulsion, suspension, or termination, by the Board or a committee authorized by the Board to decide whether the proposed expulsion, suspension, or termination will take place. If the member does not appear and has not notified the Secretary of any adequate reason therefor, the expulsion, suspension, or termination shall be effective automatically on the proposed effective date.

iii. Following the hearing date, the Board or the committee authorized by the Board shall decide whether the member should in fact be expelled, suspended, terminated, or sanctioned in some other manner.  The member shall be promptly notified of the decision, and that decision shall be final. If the membership is terminated, all membership rights of such member in this corporation shall cease on the effective date in the written notice given pursuant to this Section.

iv. The Board may determine whether any prorated refund of dues shall be paid upon termination under this Section.

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