White Papers

White Papers With and Without Treatment Guidelines

We have prepared a series of White Papers with and without Treatment Guidelines that provide information on the use of stereotactic radiosurgery in several different clinical situations. The White Papers are an in-depth exploration of the clinical indications for stereotactic radiosurgery, complete with references. The overall goal of the project is to increase clinical awareness and knowledge for our members, especially new members. The papers provide a systematic review of the clinical indications for treatment.

White Papers WITHOUT Treatment Guidelines are available to the public. We believe their use can be useful to patients and insurance companies as well as clinicians and other health professionals.

To view the version WITH Treatment Guidelines you must be a member of the Radiosurgery Society and be logged in.

To view a paper, simply click on the title and a PDF will open in a new window.

Terms of Use and Release from Liability Statement

The Radiosurgery Society® (the RSS) disseminates White Papers for the benefit of its members and the industry. THE CONTENT OF THE WHITE PAPERS IS PROVIDED AS IS, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. Readers and users of content of the White Papers agree to release and hold harmless the RSS and their officers, directors, members and affiliates from any liability arising from use of the content of the White Papers. The contents of White Papers should never replace individual professional judgment. The RSS does not assume the responsibility to update or revise White Papers as new information becomes available.

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