Peer to Peer Advisor Program

Peer to Peer Advisor Program

The Radiosurgery Society's Peer to Peer Physician Advisor program is designed to help new CyberKnife Centers become clinically proficient by providing on-site physician support during the first patient treatments with the CyberKnife System.  Scheduled to coincide with the Accuray On-Site Training program, the Peer to Peer Advisor program offers in-person assistance and interaction between a Radiosurgery Society selected Physician Advisor and the medical staff of the new center.

Objectives of the Physician Advisor Program

  • To provide CybreKnife Users with general information on the technical attributes and functionality of the CyberKnife Stereotactic Radiosurgery System and general infomration about its applications
  • To discuss and explain the clinical rationale for and reinforce the general concepts and general recommended treatment procedures provided to attendees during Acuray's training
  • To provide CyberKnife Users with general knowledge of the principles of Radiosurgery, the role of the CyberKnife as a tool for treating patients and the clinical and historical contect of the Physician Advisor's own use of the CyberKnife
  • To provide general information based on the Physician Advisor's experience, to inform Users about general considerations in using the CyberKnife to treat patients, including concepts of dose to targets and dose constraints for normal tissue

Program Requirements

  • Advanced scheduling required to ensure Advisor availability (at least 4 weeks prior to Go-Live)
  • Interested facilities must sign a Physician Advisor Program agreement with The Radiosurgery Society®
  • Payment is due in full prior to the arrival of the Physician Advisor

For more information or to schedule a Physician Advisor, please contact:

Kristine Gagliardi
Executive Director
Phone:  (408) 370-1998

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