Radiosurgery Answers – A Message Board for Patients 

As a resource to patients, several doctors volunteer their time and expertise to answer questions relating to ever expanding arsenal of patient treatment options. These doctors are skilled users of various stereotactic radiosurgery and stereotactic radiotherapy body treatment systems.  They are not financially compensated in any way for their participation. Click here to be connected to "Radiosurgery Answers"* where you can read the message boards or post a question of your own.

* the Radiosurgery Society® claims no liability nor endorses any medical opinions or advice given by doctors on this site.

New Case Management Program for Patients and Their Caregivers 

The EQUICARE CS case management system was specifically designed to help clinics provide cancer survivors with a personalized plan for follow-up care. It is a web-based, patient-centric tool that is designed to help cancer survivors, their caregivers, and their healthcare providers achieve better clinical compliance, which can result in improved patient outcomes following treatment for cancer.  EQUICARE CS has been included, by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (CoC), in its "Best Practices Repository"

Use this link to find out more:

Online resources:

American College of Surgeons Cancer Programs:

COC Best Practices Repository:  (for Survivorship materials, click on "Proprietary Material")

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