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There have been long-standing complaints and concerns from our members about difficulty in getting papers published, and in getting them published quickly. We want you, our members to know of alternatives online journals you might not yet be aware of. Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) was the first online peer reviewed medical journal, and the first to be published online.  Cureus is brand new and offers a distinctly different approach to peer review, one that is substantially more democratic than traditional journals. Both journals offer faster publication than other journals.


While the RSS is a scientific society and a not-for-profit, it has an economic dimension as well. Our members want us to be looking out for their economic well-being, and that means getting publications that support the efficacy, safety, and medical necessity of full body radiosurgery. 

Computer Aided Surgery
was founded in 1995 and is now in its sixteenth year of publication. The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles concerning all aspects of image guided surgery and therapy, including approaches to treatment planning, clinical studies, case reports, and laboratory evaluations of the latest technological advances. 

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 is an online medical journal that meets the needs and expectations of the modern physician and consumer/patient. The Cureus publishing model eliminates politics, speeds time to publication, gives authors and reviewers recognition, allows authors to retain copyright and its always FREE. Everyone is invited to join the Cureus Community and to be part of making medical knowledge more accessible to the world.

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