A Joint Announcement from the RSS & The International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society

We are pleased to announce that the International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society (ISRS) and the Radiosurgery Society (RSS) entered a mutual endorsement collaboration to promote and strengthen research and educational programs dedicated to advancing the knowledge of stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT). As part of the agreement, each society will hold respective alternating bi-annual scientific meetings, with each society supporting and endorsing the respective meetings. Having non-competing bi-annual meetings allows each society to be more fiscally responsible with respect to the time, resources, and financial support of our members, supporters and stakeholders as well as strengthen the academic, scientific and research programs.

The societies will remain as independent organizations and will maintain separate Bylaws, Boards of Directors and membership. The partnership will help strengthen existing relationships, maximize the ability to generate and disseminate knowledge, advance science, and continue to maintain the highest standards and ensure the safety of SRS/SBRT. We look forward to working together, meeting new colleagues, and building new programs that will benefit the membership of both societies and patients receiving SRS and SBRT.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you at the meeting in May.

Samuel Ryu, MD - Board President, ISRS
Anand Mahadevan, MD - Board President, RSS

We've Been Published - Read the Press Release

The study titled “The RSSearch Registry: patterns of care and outcomes research on patients treated with stereotactic radiosurgery and stereotactic body radiotherapy” describes the design, patient demographics, lesion characteristics and SRS/SBRT treatment patterns of the first 11,457 patients enrolled in RSSearch™ from 39 participating U.S. centers was published in Radiation Oncology 2013, 8:275 (25 November 2013).

New Membership Type – Medical Residents

the RSS Board of Directors is please to announce the creation of a new category of membership. Physicians enrolled in an accredited Residency program are eligible for Medical Resident Membership. Dues for this category are $25 per year. If you are (or know) a resident who is interested in SRS/SBRT, we are confident the Radiosurgery Society provides valuable resources, contacts and knowledge to further your education.

The first step to becoming a Resident Member of the RSS is to complete the attached form and return it along with your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a Letter of Support from your department chair. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

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